Native Buttons

To create a USP, insert the following code where you want it displayed.
To get the styling as displayed under the content tab, you will have to include all the class's as listed below.

You can change the icon of the USP by choosing the prefferred icon class from the icon section. You can add more USP's by copying everything inside the <!-- Usp item START --> and till the end and paste it right under the other.

<section class="usp-bar">
    <div class="usp-bar-controller">
            <!-- Usp item START -->
            <div class="usp one">
                <div class="usp-icon">
                    <a href="#" title="">
                        <svg class="icon-campaign-paper"><use xmlns:xlink="" xlink:href="images/icons/icons.svg#icon-campaign-paper"></use></svg>
                <p class="text-header">
                    <a href="#" title="">Tilbudsavis
                        <span>Ugens tilbud fra JYSK</span>
            <!-- Usp item END -->